Science Olympiad

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  1. Event assignments – I tried to place two people in each event but there are a few cases where there is only one person in an event. Partners are separated by a “/”. Let me know if you are interested in adding another event.
    Anatomy & Physiology – Alex Swift/Ryan Espinoza, Betts Roney/Eleanor Finkle

    Circuit Lab – Jackson Shout/Alex Forrest, Garrett Shout/Lucy Paul, Cade Herman/Camden Pope

    Reach for the Stars – Danny Martin/Isabella Yagnow, Jeff Swift/Corina Abukaf

    Road Scholar – Joey Procopio/Nick Sellew, Alex Butorins/Maya Jordan, Alex Zychowicz/Kayla Pope

    Crime Busters – Halina Zychowicz/Laurel Gray Swanson, Maya Jordan/Madison Iles-Pulley, Ava Hill/Anneliese Pinnell

    Experimental Design (maximum of three on a team) – Daisy Lanier/Joseph Barr/Jackson Shout, Altea Morgado/Luke Atkinson

    Fossils – Quinton Smith/Isabella Yagnow, Logan King/Madison Wagner, Betts Roney/Eleanor Finkle

    Ornithology – Madison Hobbs/Gregory Gatt, Alex Leonard/Jacob Farrelly, Steven Potter

    Water Quality – Alex Swift/Ryan Espinoza, Alex Forrest/Gabe Redding

    Mousetrap Vehicle – Anna Tricomi/Leiden Schofield, Alex Zychowicz/Matthew Macneir

    Ping Pong Parachute – Kate Finnegan/Mischa Tubat, John Martin/Justin Peele, Gabe Redding/Gregory Gatt

    Density Lab – Leiden Schofield/Kayla Overby, Logan King/Madison Iles-Pulley, Mackenzie Knight Salem

    Disease Detectives – Danny Martin/Isabella Yagnow, John Martin/Justin Peele, Ava Hill/Daisy Lanier

    Meteorology – Joseph Barr/Madison Hobbs

    Write It, Do It – Altea Morgado/Luke Atkinson, Alex Butorins/Alex Leonard, Anna Tricomi/Joey Procopio

    Dynamic Planet – Joseph Barr/Jackson Shout, Cade Herman/Luke Atkinson

    Food Science – Matthew Macneir/Steven Potter, Betts Roney/Eleanor Finkle

    Game On – Anneliese Pinnell/Daisy Lanier, Maya Jordan/Lucy Paul, Kate Finnegan/Mischa Tubat

    Heredity – Altea Morgado, Anna Tricomi/Corina Abukaf

    Machines – Alex Forrest/Gregory Gatt, Madison Iles-Pulley/Madison Wagner, Quinton Smith/Laurel Gray Swanson

    Boomilever – Kayla Pope/Camden Pope, Garrett Shout/Lucy Paul, Leiden Schofield

    Elastic Launched Gliders – Gabe Redding/Kayla Overby, Justin Peele/Jacob Farrelly, Alex Swift/Ryan Espinoza

    Mission Possible – Danny Martin/Mackenzie Knight Salem, Jeff Swift/Nick Sellew

  2. Important information for 2019-2020 Science Olympiad
    2020 Science Olympiad rules
    B (Middle School) –
    Event lists with resources –
    Event schedule –
    SciOly – Great resource for shared information, including practice tests –
    Resources from past years – Might not match this year’s topics! –

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